Disaster Capitalism


DISASTER CAPITALISM reveals the underbelly of the global aid and investment industry. It’s a complex web of interests that spans the earth from powerful nations and multinational corporations to tribal and village leaders. This feature-length documentary offers unique insights into a multi-billion dollar world by investigating how aid dollars are spent.

Best-selling journalist and author Antony Loewenstein joins award-winning filmmaker Thor Neureiter on a five-year investigation into this world and the ramifications of disaster capitalism in Afghanistan, Haiti and Papua New Guinea. There are ideological, economic, political and corporate connections between all three states. We weave them together to show viewers the dark side of Western aid. How did we get here? How can it change and who is leading it? What role and responsibility lies with Western governments? As the long-term journey unfolds, DISASTER CAPITALISM will provide unique insight into one of the most challenging issues of our age.

We are all aid givers. Aid shapes our global economy, our geo-political landscape, even our security. The money that fuels the aid ‘industry’ often comes from well-intentioned individuals who donate money after natural disasters. It’s also the tax dollars of ordinary citizens in Western countries that’s dolled out in the name of foreign policy and diplomacy. Sometimes aid is given for both - making the giving and taking of aid one of the most complex of activities. But the scale of this billion-dollar beast is growing and at stake is the welfare of the most vulnerable people in the world.